Startups on the Blocks

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Startups on the Blocks was created to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem for historically marginalized black and brown communities so that they may recognize, utilize, and benefit from the resources that surround them in creating and building their businesses. In order to boost economic development, this project was created to transform ideas, launch startups, create an inclusive environment, and provide mentoring and networking support. In addition to creating jobs, educating, and developing skills and talents, the project will also promote partnerships, foster trust, collaboration, and create a culture conducive to entrepreneurial success.
Our proposed project will directly contribute to our mission of addressing our community’s needs. Our objectives include:
– Connections to founders, developers, mentors, and resources
– Following proven lean startup methodology
– Build your startup on a good foundation
– Leverage the ecosystem for help
– Present representative founder archetypes
– Pitch competitions for idea and concept training in stage startups
– Resources for our portfolio companies
– Talent development and AI tools

We work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of providing access to knowledge, information exchange, management knowledge, experience, and exposure; access to markets and business connections by providing:
– One on one weekly networking and guest speaker events
– LEANSTACK – Foundations, Business Model Design and Validation training
– Startup Science – A Comprehensive Founder Training Courses
– Mentoring
– Connections to ecosystem resources – and
– Startup framework support for MVP –
– Project management support –
– Accelerator in the box
– Weekly newsletter
– Quarterly pitch competitions
– Office hours
– Center for the Innovation workforce
– Support for veterans

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